Waterfalls Cascades d‘Ouzoud

I visited Morocco many times and I’m totally in love with this amazing country. Each time when I visit Morocco I find something new, something special. Morocco has a lot to offer. From snow-capped Atlas mountains up to the heat of the desert city Marrakech. Multifaceted, vibrant and full of natural wonder. The magically vibes plus architecture and their multicolored life in Medinas and Souks gives a special feeling for each visitor. Not to forget all the culinary highlights of oriental cuisine.
At our last trip to Morocco my family and I visited for the first time the Ouzoud Waterfalls and now its time to share my experience with you guys. Enjoy the magical vibes of a magical place!

At A Glance

Province Azilal The Province Azilal has 520.000 residents, 9.800 km², the province’s capital, named after the province situated 1.400 metres above sea level
Located The waterfalls of Ouzoud located at Cascades d‘Ouzoud in Atlas Mountains, two hours drive from Marrakech
Ouzoud Watterfalls River Oued Ouzoud, 100 meters high, three levels of red stones, natural stone formation, wooden boats, olive trees, Barbary macaques
Hotel Many opportunities, hotels or campsites, choose on the spot

Travel Pressento Morocco 0518 View of Water
Travel Pressento Morocco 0518 Ouzoud Cascades d’Ouzoud

Situated by green surroundings, pure nature and red stones in the middle of the Atlas Mountains you will find the river named Oued Ouzoud. From the upper terrace which is situated on a rocky ledge you have an amazing view over the surrounding area. You can see the little and colorful wooden boats on the river and the magnificent mountains. Here you find also restaurants and souvenir shops, by the way.

Travel Pressento Morocco 0518 Ouzoud fresh Water

It is the observer’s gaze from bottom to top of the falls. The natural wonder in the middle of red stones a magical. From this side you can watch the boats dancing on the river.

Travel Pressento Morocco 0518 Family in Ouzoud

From the opposite side of the falls you have the best view of the falls. Here you can enjoy the highest and most beautiful water falls of Morocco and by the way it’s the perfect spot for some awesome pics.

Travel Pressento Morocco 0518 Ouzoud with kids

All about the perspective. Sometimes you have to change your own! For the little discoverer in the world is this the perfect place to explore the nature. Beside from the falls you have the opportunity to take a walk trough the olive trees and meet some of the Barbary macaque. The Barbary macaque and the little boats are the favorites from my little one.

Travel Pressento Morocco 0518 the Waterfalls of Ouzoud and me

And all about the look. Choose the right Outfit for this natural and colorful place! The country has on one hand this special vibes between modern and traditional and although it’s one of the colorful countries I have ever seen. Each living room has another color, the traditional dresses are available in every single color and dishes, lights are colorful as well. Perfect spot for the colorful me.

Travel Pressento Morocco 0518 little Boats at the Falls of Ouzoud
Travel Pressento Morocco 0518 Ouzoud Water in my face
Travel Pressento Morocco 0518 Ouzoud above the Falls

From the highest point of the Waterfalls of Ouzoud you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Atlas Mountains, the river and all this natural surroundings.

Travel Pressento Morocco 0518 View of the Mountains Ouzoud

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