Turn on your inner Compass

The Calendar view of 2017 shows streamlined and reorganized. All deadlines in the first weeks of january were met. Maybe if you have broken some of your good intentions. What effects will this new year have? How will the year develop? What are your wishes and ideas for 2017? New Job? Addition to the family? Travel plans? Sometimes we begin unchallenged and motivated. And in the second part we are starting to doubt if it is really the right one? It’s the right way? We lose our orientation. We all have an inner compass. We just have to turn it on. The inner system is the key to go the own way. Wrong routes, detours and deviations from the route planned included. Even detours can lead you to your goal. Hold on is only constant that lead us to the desired result.

Fashion Pressento Ted Baker auf der Treppe
Fashion Pressento Ted Baker Säulen
Fashion Pressento Ted Baker tanzend
Fashion Pressento die Sonne im Gesicht
Fashion Pressento Ted Baker Cape die Sonne im Gesicht
Fashion Pressento Ted Baker lachend durch Berlin Mitte
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Fashion Pressento Details Calzedonia Zign

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