NYC with Kids – Tips for small discoverers

Since I am a mother, traveling has become even more important. I find it very fascinating to see how my son discovered the world. Children use the travel time, visit playgrounds discover their environment, enjoy the various activities and register all new impressions. Different countries, different places, different people, everything is exciting. I can only recommend at all moms and dads, going to make trips with your kids! In the following you will find some […]

Lower Manhattan – In the Streets of Downtown

New York City, there is always something to see or to discover. Today I invite you to a trip to Lower Manhattan. Our tour starts between the Hudson and East River. The south part of Manhattan is characterised by the financial district and the world-famous Wall Street. There are many places to explore, next to the bank district. If you want from uptown or downtown in the south part, take the red line 1 to […]