The Way of Happiness is my own Creative Journey

The society in which we live is very complex. Living in their always means that every individual, regardless of their relationship to us, deserves our respect. Disenchantment, unsolved questions and the feeling of helplessness. We have to learn to understand. Understand that we need to free ourselves. How society defines us, isn’t important. As we are evaluated by her. Evaluated by success, money, prestige. Important is how do we look at ourselves in this world? What does success, wealth and luxury mean for ourself? If we can resolve this issue, than we will be happy.

Fashion Pressento Colorful art in Berlin
Fashion Pressento Flowers in the City
Fashion Pressento Berlin Tiger art
Fashion Pressento Berlin Anne Frank
Travel Pressento in den Hinterhöfen von Berlin
Fashion Pressento in the Dark side of the City
Fashion Pressento Eingang Hackische Höfe
Travel Pressento the Man and the Post Box
Fashion Pressento Ron Maro Backbag
Travel Pressento Creativ Door
Travel Pressento Visit the Hackische Höfe in Berlin

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