The strengh lies in the own ranks

Long to-do list in a short period of time, self-doubt and try to square the circle. every day presents tasks and demands.Sometimes we lose courage or new challenges keep us moving ahead. We like a ball in the pipeline. We take the next step charged with energy, situation without impetus or the ball rolls downhill. On those days we need vigor. We need this inner propulsion if we are to plan changes and actually put them into practice. Our sweethearts give us this power what we need. They bring us back to our path. They give us the trust, they give us love, they give us the swing of life.

Fashion Pressento Berlin Tanzend
Fashion Pressento Berlin Grafitti
Fashion Pressento Berlin Grafitti in the streets
Fashion Pressento Berlin Blau Punkte Prinzessin
Fashion Pressento Berlin rosa Mantel
Fashion Pressento Streetart
Fashion Pressento Berlin Princess dress
Fashion Pressento Details blue

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