The magic of the past

The calendar had opened his last page and the Advent season has opened its gates. Even as a child, December was always a magical month for me. We baked Christmas biscuits and stollen cake at home and when Christmas came closer we decorated our house and sang Christmas songs. Or home was a sea of lights and it smelled like Christmas, delicious vanilla and cinnamon. It’s been a long time since I was the little girl with red hair. With sweet and spicy flavor of ginger bread on my tongue occasionally feel as if I am back in the old-time. Back to my childhood. And it feels great. Great and harmony memories, with joyful anticipating of Christmas Eve and the Christ Child. Today I am the mother and I will try to give this magic to my kids. I will put it in a package of cultural diversity and sense of purpose. Christmas is more than a tree its the time to remember, to be thankful, for moral support and brotherly love. That’s the thinks for human life not only for Christmas time.

Fashion Pressento Christmas 17 all lights of Christmas
FAshion Pressento Christmas 17 december walk
Fashion Pressento Christmas 17 colorful tree
Fashion Pressento Christmas 2017 glitter balls
Travel Pressento Christmas Berlin 17 glitter balls
Fashion Pressento Christmas 17 cold water Potsdamer Platz
FAshion Pressento Christmas 17 dreaming of christmas
FAshion Pressento Christmas 17 grey hat
FAshion Pressento Christmas 17 cup of tea
Fashion Pressento Christmas 17 I can see santa
Travel Pressento Christmas 17 far away
Travel Pressento Christmas 17 all about the tree

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