The Change is Timeless

“The only constant in life is change.” When we realize this, we lose all doubt and fear and we know that we can create what we want. We create change. We create our own future. We naturally resist change, because we are afraid. Afraid of the unknown. Fear of new experiences and challenges. It is important to realize that changes is the base for the own development. Only when our sense of identity are expressed as a matter of course will it become strong. We need sometimes to let go of our accustomed ways of seeing and doing, to move on. Change is timeless and unstoppable. We want to let ourselves drift by cycles and changes, that we can arrive at our house. Who doesn’t have not the courage to change, will stay in the carousel of the past.

Reichshof Hamburg Comma Cape Treppe
Reichshof Hamburg in der Lounge im Comma Cape
Reichshof Hamburg durch die Drehtür im Comma Cape
Reichshof Hamburg Haare werfen im Comma Cape
Reichshof Hamburg sitzen im Comma Cape
Reichshof Hamburg im Comma Cape auf der Couch

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