The bubbling Side of Spring

“April showers bring May flowers.” April is being there. Often with his own rules. Our senses awake from their winter sleep and we sit down at the next Café to enjoy our coffee. It’s time to leave those grey and wintry days behind us and we submerge ourselves in the world of colorful spring time. The first soft rays of sun, at the edge of the path, some different kinds of flowers grow and we take a walk through the park. The weather is milder and days are longer. The nature puts on its colourful dress. Spring is the anticipation of mild summer nights, many-colored cocktails and sugar-sweet ice cream creations.

The warm lights, the mild air and these special feeling at the spring time, this gives me a very good emotion of “Let’s do this”. New projects, different adventures, personally plans. It’s the beginning of a new journey and my mind is bubbling like the water fountain in the City. A trip into the summer. A journey with lots of fun, lovely people and unforgettable moments. An emotional power that gives you the feeling, that you can create everything you imagine. A breath of fresh air of everyday life.

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