The botton between the old and the new

The interface between modernity and antiquity offers something out of the ordinary. It is like an exploration in the everyday life. On the basis of its multiple possibilities transform some classic in something new. Your personal handwriting. It’s very exciting and very instructive for me. For example I am a passionate reader of Goethe literature. The uniquely Scriptures, which written in the 18th and 19th century, reflect the today society.

When I on the way through my chosen homeland Berlin, I am always discovered the contrast between old and new. The architecture tells the story of the city. From the trendy neighbourhood up to the historical part. Often fascinate or emotionally touched. Here is always something to discover. Constantly open up new perspectives of these beautiful city. The bridge between old and new is a unique process of enrichment for all of us. Lets just live in awareness of cultural variety.

Fashion Pressento Mint and Berry Coat rosa Haus Nikolaiviertel
Fashion Pressento Mint and Berry Coat rosa
FAshion Pressento time for rosa auf der Bank Nikolaiviertel
Fashion Pressento Rosa Coat im Nikolaiviertel
Fashion Pressento Nikolaikirche Berlin
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Fashion Pressento winter details Nikolaiviertel
In the streets of the Nikolaiviertel Berlin

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