Taste the Look

Fashion. One word with numerous of facets. Creativity, individuality, courage to innovate. There are a lot of associations and descriptions of style. It’s a world full of colors, shapes, textiles and cuts. What does fashion mean for every individual of us? Clarity and classicism add new facets to fashion. Today’s world, in which one trend is replaced by the next, we must found our own way in fashion. Our own style and to highlight the various facets of one’s own individuality. It’s the playful way to finding oneself. A trip to a classic conception and confetti corporate environment. I love fashion. I love to experiment with all these materials, colors and different styles. We don’t need the next “It-Piece”. It is so much more! You can tell a story, your own, personal story. Because following one specific style, would be much too boring. In my opinion, one of the secrets behind an own style is not to imitate, but to be inspired by surroundings, people’s, feelings, music or movies. I think that’s the best way to taste your own look!

Fashion Pressento Berlin mit Guess Mantel
Fashion Pressento Berlin Navy
Fashion Pressento Taste the Look of sunny
Fashion Pressento MEsseturm im Hintergrund
Fashion Pressento Berlin Details Glasses
Fashion Pressento Details Schmuck Pink
Fashion Pressento Berlin Taste the Look Details
Fashion Pressento Details Sneaker Liu Jo

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