Welcome to the Glitter-Chaos

Welcome to the last week before Christmas Eve. The streets of the city are lined with sparkling glitter balls, thousand of lights and Santa Claus. We are in the middle of the yearly pre-Christmas rush. One more package here, we buy the last gifts there and be prepared for the holy night. During the last week before Christmas we are often just working on our specific to-do lists. No time, time is running and we […]

The Uniqueness of the Moment

Sadness, indecision, self-doubt. We often come across these factors and negative impacts in everyday life. On certain days we are absolutely determined and sometimes there is a lack of courage. Sometimes one does not know if one should look to the right or to the left. How to clean up the chaos in your head? How can I implement my personal intentions in the real life? Where do I start with that? Where is the […]