Go with your own Flow – Welcome 2018

2018 had opened its doors. Welcome to a new year guys. New ideas can develop and pathways courageously taken. Let us made new experiences and create new knowledge. The new New Year is like a white sheet of paper that we have to coloring. Coloring with exciting happenings, fun-loving moments and desired changes. For my family and me 2018 as a year of new beginnings. We have already made plans in 2017 and now time […]

Traveling in Style – My favorite Looks in Canada

If you’ve followed my blog, you will have an idea of whats my favorites looks. Jogging pants are to be worn only for the gym. This also applies for travels. Of course you should not put only high heels in your suitcases. Choose some comfortable shoes but not with a title like “functional shoes”. I love colors! All colors bring brightness, happy feeling and last some colorful pics. I usually choose my wardrobe specific. For […]

In the Change of the Seasons

Who was not already fascinated, if nature in the change of the seasons changes its face. Between the different seasons of the year, we had to clear up our wardrobes and create to-do lists for the holidays. The November is one of the transitional periods of the year. The last fall days has begun before winter comes. The air is so clear and fresh. We are walking through the streets in our new warm winter […]