From a Distance

Welcomed with love, unforgettable aura of security and the comfort of a loving family. The right balance, enthusiasm and steadiness without any risk of boredom. Sounds like the perfect home. It’s a great feeling to know to found your place in life. One Place? Why do we have to be either for one spot. Maybe we need more than one. Discovering and learn from the world played and continues to play an important role in […]

Shopping in Marrakech

Marrakesh, the pearl of the Orient is always a good idea. A City between tradition and modernity. The Grand Atlas mountains offers a dreamlike scenery. The perfect spot for daydreams. Marrakesh, thanks to its geographical situation, its hotel business, restaurants, its climate, allows all year-long to realize your special vacation. I suggest a short trip, to escape the cold season for few days. I appreciate the connection between history, modernity and oriental flair. In this […]

Your world in the mirror of diversity

According to the motto of Goethe: “The best education found a clever person in travel”, I should also like to live a cultural varied life. I want to live my life intensely, meaning that I am a life long learner in my own personal development. Today we’re making our decisions based on ignorance. Those who swim with the stream will never find the personal goal. Who swims against the current, fights his way into the […]

Oriental flavors & classic beauty

Our own life can be colorful, greatly enriched and varied. Life can structured and quiet, loud and colorful, extravagant and glamorous. Personal experience makes learning exciting and sustainable. The changeover between the different stages in life cycle is sometimes sad or betimes happy. Many of us mixed feelings of hope and fear. To make new plans or change your everyday life is very interesting and exciting for me. Influence your own life by the power […]