Go with your own Flow – Welcome 2018

2018 had opened its doors. Welcome to a new year guys. New ideas can develop and pathways courageously taken. Let us made new experiences and create new knowledge. The new New Year is like a white sheet of paper that we have to coloring. Coloring with exciting happenings, fun-loving moments and desired changes. For my family and me 2018 as a year of new beginnings. We have already made plans in 2017 and now time […]

Happy New Year – Welcome 2017!

New day new luck, new week new chance, new year new plans. Welcome to the New Year. I wish you all a holy and blessed new year. I really hope that you all ushered in 2017 well and that you haven’t thrown all your new years resolutions overboard yet. What are your plans for 2017. New job? New apartment? Or a very special trip? I hope that you all enjoy your time with your love […]

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Snow crunches underfoot, the air filled with whiffs of cinnamon and gingerbread and Christmas carols fill the air. Festively decorated streets and sparkling christmas trees. We decorate our homes, put up Christmas trees, then families meeting together. We can reminisce about old times while at the same we share our ideas and plans with our sweethearts. We cook together, share a laugh and enjoy their free time together. It is Christmas! I wish you all […]