Classical Traditions & Many-Colored Sparkle

We are currently right in the middle of the Advent-time. The streets transformed into a fantastic Christmas-Land. Cakes and cookies been baked. We decorate our homes, put up Christmas trees adorned with glitter balls and lights. The grey winter days turn into a colorful sea of lights. We prepare us for the holiday season. We are full of plans and expectations. During this special season of Advent, when we invited to reflect the past year. […]

Our Home – Point on a Map

Everyone of us be looking for their own home. A places where we should feel safe, secure and loved. A place that is beautifully and comfortably. By some of us it is the same place. Many people consider the place where they grew up their home. And others go on a journey to find these special place. When do we notice that we have arrived? Arrived at our home, the point on a map? Is […]

In the Change of the Seasons

Who was not already fascinated, if nature in the change of the seasons changes its face. Between the different seasons of the year, we had to clear up our wardrobes and create to-do lists for the holidays. The November is one of the transitional periods of the year. The last fall days has begun before winter comes. The air is so clear and fresh. We are walking through the streets in our new warm winter […]

Dance the cold days away

In the middle of november. The sky is cloudy and grey. Days grow shorter, nights longer and outdoors becomes again cold. The fresh and cold air stimulate reflection. The tress have lost their leaves. The brightly coloured summer clothing pushed to the back of the closet and makes room for the more warmly winter outfits. We wearing warm coats, heavy boots and cozy sweaters. The november is thought-provoking for me. I’m thinking about the past […]

A Pinch of Pink on Cloudy Days

I afflicted and disappointed at some days. On those days I feel above on a higher mountain and I have not the physically fit or specific tool to climb these mountain. It is a feeling of insecurity and failure. A depressing moment with dark clouds. There popped up lots of doubts and questions in my head , and I do not know I can manage it. Everybody knows them, these unpleasant taste. You feel like […]