Shopping in Marrakech

Marrakesh, the pearl of the Orient is always a good idea. A City between tradition and modernity. The Grand Atlas mountains offers a dreamlike scenery. The perfect spot for daydreams. Marrakesh, thanks to its geographical situation, its hotel business, restaurants, its climate, allows all year-long to realize your special vacation. I suggest a short trip, to escape the cold season for few days. I appreciate the connection between history, modernity and oriental flair. In this post I have compiled a couple of valuable tips for you shopping-Trip to Marrakesh.

On A Glance

Jardin Majorelle Boutique Jewelry, Traditional Clothing, Unique Ambience
Menara Mall Fashion, Souvenirs, Beauty, Huge Paradise of Games and Play for Children
Djemaa el Fna Oriental Flair, Traditional Clothing, Traditional Trade, Traditional Foods

1. Jardin Majorelle Boutique

The Jardin Majorelle is a botanical garden in Marrakesh, were laid out in 1923 by Jacques Majorelle. The Garden shows a unique world of plants collection from every continent. Strong colours, relaxed atmosphere and an area of culture. Here you can comfortably shop while you enjoy the ambience. In the spacious boutique on Jardin Majorelle there is something for traditional robes and dresses, jewelry or lovely bags.

Jardin Majorelle
Shopping im Jardin Majorelle Boutique
Shopping Marrakesh Jardin Majorelle

2. Menara Mall

Located at the Avenue Mohammed VI you will find one of the largest Malls in Marrakesh – Menara Mall. You’ll find lots of fashion shops and beauty stores. In the first floor of the mall can everyone discover the oriental flair. Spices, traditional beauty products, dresses and robes, classic souvenirs and jewelery. It is less crowded than on the Souks in the Medina. During your lunch at the second floor you will enjoy the stunning view over the City. There’s also a play area for children.

Shopping in Marrakesh Oriental Flair Gewürze
Shopping in der Menara Mall Oriental
Shopping in Menara Mall Schmuck
Shopping in Marrakesh Menara Mall Unique Jewellery
Shopping in Marrakesh Menara Mall Hand der Fatima Souvenir
Shopping in der Mall Menara

3. Djemaa el Fna, Souk>

The Djemaa el Fna is the most popular attraction in Marrakesh and one of the most famous places in the world. If you are feeling adventurous of 1001 night, will find them here. The Medina with its colourful daily life and special atmosphere on one of the biggest spectacles in the world. Also your heart will beat faster. The odors of spices, the magical robes, beautiful sparkling jewelry and the colorful diversity. The Souk is the perfect spot for some shopping highlights. Apart from traditional clothing and spices, furniture and home accessories here too. Where I buy Moroccan leather cushion or handmade lights.

Shopping in Marrakesh Djemaa el Fna
Shopping auf dem Souk in Marrakesh Babouchen
Shopping in Marrakesh Souk Medina

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