Patience is Called

I have waited a long time for snow. This special time a feeling when you’re walking through a winter wonderland. December, January and February ends without any snow, just cold days and lots of rains and some snow showers. Today, shortly before the spring knocks on our doors, its start to snow. I watched the lovely dance of the white flakes. And it was exciting and I’m happy like a child. Patience will be rewarded! we need staying power, patience and strength to understand, to explain and especially to follow our personal dreams. Master challenges, passes difficult road to receive the chance for change. Sometimes WE ask ourself why we didn’t move on, why we stop and struggle. Our mind are always full of new ideas but there a great difficulties placed in the way of create our dreams. Create our personality. But let’s take a short look back, even we see if a lot has changed. We have made huge steps. We were patient, follow our hearts and find our special moment. The moment when we realized we made the right decision, we are going the right ways and make our unique goals. We will be rewarded sometimes with a beautiful dance of snow flakes.

Fashion Pressento B18 Februar bit snow
Fashion Pressento B18 FEbruar thinking
Fashion Pressento B18 Februar awake from my daydream
Fashion Pressento Berlin F18 orange vibes
Fashion Pressento B18 Februar underground over the bridge
Travel Pressento Berlin Februar Oberbaumbrücke
Fashion Pressento B18 Februar orange Bike
Fashion Pressento B18 Februar yellow meets orange
Travel Pressento Berlin 18 Februar Friedrichshain

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