A lot can still happen, August!

We are in the middle of the second half of August. The blue tones of sea and sky immediately exchanged by pools and green areas of the city. The feet leave the sand and put back in the shoes of summer. On each billboards and showcases you can find the slogan “Back to School”. It’s like a call back to the everyday life. Back to your regular dosing schedule. Since I love to get away […]

Definition of Liberty

Let me start with the words of the English novelist, essayist, journalist George Orwell: “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” These words try to describe one of a possible definition of liberty. Many times we are thinking about what we have to do and where our limits lie. Rules, typification and principles, hidden under the coat of liberty and freedom. They promise freedom and by the same […]

Old Stories & new Memories

When I walk through the streets of Berlin, every place tells a story. Roots of the past meets the modern future. Places have been changed but take the structure of history by the same time. History places tells tales both tragic and hopeful stories. hope of discovering, of touching feeling, of new life. In the course of time with change as a constant challenge.

In love with the colors of the City

Drive, energy and the all the colorful lights. Natural beauty and artificially created glass facades. Gray and smart, colorful and lively, loud and inspiring by the same time. All the components and much more, describe the city. The city where I continually want to rediscover myself, to learn about myself and be myself. All the various influences, the inspiring atmosphere and the continuous change create me and helps me. It’s the this unique combination of […]

We do have a further piece in the puzzle of our own history

On each day we create our own puzzle. We want to improve, provide or modify every single day. Sometimes we exchange individual pieces, whether voluntary or involuntary, the result is a new design. We give old items a fresh paint and bring back their old glamour. At times we missing bit of our puzzle. Month or years later we realize that we have already found a better one. Often we looking for some other, better […]

Appearances are deceptive.

Every moment, every determination, every study as well as practical experience teach us about life. They are also moments when we learn a great deal about society. Learn about rules, traditions and we learn a lot about ourselves. We are fighting for recognition and attention. We try to suit everybody. We sweeps us away into a whirl where we forget ourselves. But Sometimes we are at a turning point. At a point we are learning […]

Dancing Raintrops of the Summer Rain

Finally the summer is here and it is particularly good time to plan some special events, holiday or spent more time outside. Sunglasses, sun cream, a hat and a bottle of water are essential. We feel more easily and we can move ahead on our path with greater serenity and ease. On especially hot days, we are waiting for a fresh and warm summer rain. When the first raindrops fall and start to dance on […]

Dissatisfaction in the Mirror of Others

It is all about the own and specific attitude to life. Here is where the key are to our satisfaction. There is no general answer to this personal question or definition “Are we satisfied?” Everyone of us had an own definition of satisfaction and luck. Sometimes we fail to notice our personal happiness. Sometimes we feeling that we are greatly misunderstood, we a not satisfied and we blame someone else for our problem. It is […]