Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Berlin 2016

It was this time again, the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Berlin. For one night Berlin turned into an inspiration Shopping-Night-Metropolis. In this year the event followed the motto: “A Global Celebration of Fashion”. The fashion lovers among you were invited,  up to midnight, for shopping, find new inspiration for the autumn look or meet the Designers. In addition to the Stores in the City, also some selected Online-Shops have some special activities for you. […]

Discover the New York Public Library

Located at the Bryant Park in the Fifth Avenue between 40th Street and 42th Street is the New York Public Library. A place full of history, ceiling decoration and inviting premise. At a Glance Location Fifth Avenue between 40th Street and 42th Street, Midtown  Values Third largest Library in the World, Film-Set Building Constructed in 1911, Beaux-Art Building, Bronze Doors, Marble Front, Wood Panelled Reading Hall Items 53 Millions Items, Art Exhibition, Children-Area, Café, Shop […]

NYC with Kids – Tips for small discoverers

Since I am a mother, traveling has become even more important. I find it very fascinating to see how my son discovered the world. Children use the travel time, visit playgrounds discover their environment, enjoy the various activities and register all new impressions. Different countries, different places, different people, everything is exciting. I can only recommend at all moms and dads, going to make trips with your kids! In the following you will find some […]

Long Night of Museums – Few Impressions

Last Saturday visited around 28.000 people The Long Night of the Museums 2016 in Berlin. The art and culture fans were able to move through 77 museums and 700 events between 6 pm and 2 am. A night full of cultural diversity, eye-opening experience, art and inspiration. The long night of museums is one of Berlin’s best-known events. Everybody finds things to do and explore. A trip to the visual world of film and television […]

Lower Manhattan – In the Streets of Downtown

New York City, there is always something to see or to discover. Today I invite you to a trip to Lower Manhattan. Our tour starts between the Hudson and East River. The south part of Manhattan is characterised by the financial district and the world-famous Wall Street. There are many places to explore, next to the bank district. If you want from uptown or downtown in the south part, take the red line 1 to […]

Coral Orange

Incredients 1 Orange 150 g Raspberries 150 g Physalis Recipe Information Yield: 2 Difficulty: Simple Prep Time: 5 Min. Instructions Place raspberries, physalis and orange in a blender and blend until the mixture is smooth. Pour the smoothies into tall glasses and decorate with Physalis or some raspberries.

White vanilla shake

Incredients 2 Banana 2 vanilla beans 3 Mint leaves 125 g Quark vanilla 200 ml Milk Recipe Information Yield: 2 Difficulty: Simple Prep Time: 10 Min. Instructions Split the vanilla pod lengthwise into two halves, run the unsharpened side of a knife down the length of each of the pod halves in order to extract the seeds. Place vanilla seeds, banana, quark, mint leaves and milk in a blender and blend until the mixture is […]

Wild Berry Party

The thermometer climbs to 18 C°. It´s November and it still feels like late summer outside. I am preparing for the colder days. With plenty of vitamin C, this winter tastes especially good. Tried the recipe and enjoy! Incredients 75 g Black currants 75 g Red currants 75 g Blackberry 75 g Raspberries 75 g Blueberries 2 Oranges 100 ml Water Chia seeds Recipe Information Yield: 4 Difficulty: Simple Prep Time: 10 Min. Instructions Place […]


Incredients 300 g Raspberry 300 g Mango 1 Kaki Recipe Information Yield: 4 Difficulty: Simple Prep Time: 10 Min. Instructions Place kaki, mango and raspberries one after another in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour the smoothies successively into tall glasses. First come raspberries, then mango, then Kaki. The result is a colorful smoothie with lots of vitamin C.

Green Cake

Incredients 2 Cucumber 3 Kiwi 1 Avocado, small 1 TL Argan oil Recipe Information Yield: 2 Difficulty: Simple Prep Time: 8 Min. Instructions Combine cucumber, kiwi, avocado, and argan oil in a blender. Blend mixture until smooth. Pour into tall glasses.