Nonchalance – Give it a try

We all try our best every day, keep our deadlines and solve Problems. We are continuously looking for the best way, search of internal harmony, success and new adventures. Often we need to rethink, reverse or have to go. This also requires the readiness to accept change. While we try to save time in quest of the best for the future, we forget to live in the here and now. We disparage what we are, the moment we are experiencing, the place where we live, and we leave in search of something else. My thoughts also go to the future. What is the reality and what will the future look like? We must learn to move away from the rules, away from the opinions, expectations of others. Nonchalance is the key to our own satisfaction. Give it a try!

Fashion Pressento mit dem Rad in Potsdam
Fashion Pressento Brile im visier
FAshion Pressento H&M Ruine Potsdam
Fashion Pressento in Potsdam vor der Ruine
Fashion Pressento das Streetrad in Potsdam
Fashion Pressento Details H&M
Fashion Pressento sunglasses in the sun
Die Altstadt in Potsdam

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