Manhattan for free – Five Locations, Part One

At each season New York City displays a very special flair casting a spell over its visitors. The colorful lights, the unique scenery, the pulse of the city and the charming people as well. There’s always something new to discover, to experience and so much to learn. New York City is one of the expensive cities in the world. On the following I have some attractions for free. Enjoy!

At a Glance

Staten Island Ferry The service is free, breathtaking view of the skyline of Manhattan, visit Staten Island, East River, Hudson River
Brooklyn Bridge Suspension bridge, connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, length approx. 1834 m, 6 lanes of roadway, East River
Ground Zero Two fountains at the place where the Twin Towers once stood. Around the rim of each water basin engraved the names of all victims.
New York Public Library Constructed in 1911, Beaux-Art Building, Fourth largest Library in the World, 53 Millions Items, Art Exhibition, Children-Area, Café, Shop
Central Park City Park, 1873 completed, Bethesda Terrace, Playground, Central Park Zoo, Loeb Bootshaus, Sheep Meadow

1. Long Island Ferry

View of Downtown Manhattan from Staten Island Ferry free

From the water side you have a perfect view of Manhattan. happy to feel the breeze ruffling in our hair with a dreamlike view about the skyscrapers of Downtown Manhattan. From here you get a real good view of the downtown and the surrounding islands, such as the Ellis Island, Governors Island, Staten Island and Liberty Island with its most famous and lasting resident Miss Liberty. It offers also a magical view of the Hudson and East River and the very unique bridge architecture. Starting from the southerly part of Manhattan at the Staten Island Ferry. From here start the orange Ferry every 15 or 20 minutes.

Kostenlos über den Hudson Staten Island Ferry

Enjoy the view of the Hudson and the East River and of the amazing bridges.

Kostenlos in Manhattan Ferry

Departing every 20 minutes from Lower Manhattan, the Staten Island Ferry will take you directly to Staten Island.

View of Downtown tips for free NYC

The 25 minute ride provides a majestic view of Downtown Manhattan and the New York Harbour.

2. Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most famous bridges in the world – The Brooklyn Bridge is also an attraction for free. The bridge connects Manhattan with the city district Brooklyn. Suspension bridges are among the oldest of all bridge designs. The Brooklyn Bridge in one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA. After 14-year construction time the bridge was opened in 1883. Today 120,000 vehicles, 3,000 pedestrian and more than 3,000 pass the bridge on every single day. Construction by German engineer and immigrant John August Roebling. You see the Manhattan Bridge at the left hand side and Downtown Manhattan to the right side. Let yourself been inspired if you cross the bridge and enjoy the fantastic view.

Fazination Brooklyn Bride Kostenlose Sehenswürdigkeiten in Manhattan

The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, length approx. 1834 m, 6 lanes of roadway.

Auf der Brookly Bridge Tipps für Kostenlose Sehenswürdigkeiten in Manhattan

On the way to Brooklyn.

About the Brooklyn Bridge NYC for free

The hanger ropes of Brooklyn Bridge were replaced only a few years ago after more than a century of service life.

Der Weg nach Downtown über die Brooklyn Bridge

One the way back to Lower Manhattan with a fantastic view of the One World Trade Center.

View from the Brookly Bridge Empire State Building

The Manhattan Bridge connecting Lower Manhattan at Canal Street with Downtown Brooklyn.

3. Ground Zero

Here the heart beats more slowly. Two fountains at the place where the Twin Towers once stood. Around the rim of each water basin engraved the names of all victims. An expressive spot full of emotions. At the same time is a place of hope and strength.

Kostenlose Sehenswürdigkeiten in NYC Ground zero

Besides from all those loving kind New Yorker’s and the happiness, is this a place of remembrance.

Tipps in NYC for free Ground zero
Around the rim of each water basin engraved the names of all victims.

4. New York Public Library

One of my favorite attractions in Manhattan is also for free – The New York Public Library. Located in the Fifth Avenue between 40th Street and 42th Street. Another place rich of symbols, history, literature and comprehensive know-how. Sounds like the perfect spot to start your day in the New York City. The NYPL is the third largest Library in the World after British Library (London) and the Library of Congress in Washington. The NYPL is definitely worth a visit, even if you don’t have time for the world of literature.

NYPL for free Eingang

A place full of history, ceiling decoration and inviting premise.

Vor der NYPL

Constructed in 1911, Beaux-Art Building, Bronze Doors, Marble Front, Wood Panelled Reading Hall

Kostenlos durch NYC New York Public Library

One of the treasures of the Library is the first Gutenberg Bible.

Childrens Area NYPL

Also creates an inspiring atmosphere for children’s. At the basement of the library is the children’s area.

5. Central Park

The New Yorker’s spending a lot of time in the green oasis of the City – the Central Park. A stop at the green lung of New York is a part of every visitor’s agenda. A free tour. The park is enjoyable in every season. You will find here a Boat, bicycle and gondola rentals.

For Free View of Essex House Manhattan

Kids in New York City, the HEckscher Playground is the perfect spot for the little ones. And offers for the mummy’s and dady’s a fantastic view of the skyline.

Durch den Central Park Kostenlos durch NYC

After an exhausting day you can relax at the green side of Manhattan.

Central Park free tips for Manhattan
View of the skyline from the Central PArk for free

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