In the rain

One some days, even when we are feeling sad and tiered, we run on the spot. Constant stress and the flood of details keep us distracted from our inner voice, and we go through our day like a hamster on a wheel. We still run, we work, we try, but all the time we going round and round in circles. We believe not being successful for our activities. If we fail to recognise our past mistakes, I do not think that we will be able to go ahead in the future. It is only one period? Or the character of day-to-day life? I don’t think so! Perhaps I’m wrong. Could be! Maybe is it too idealistic to think that we all have the opportunity to create our own plan. Create our own future. Create our own personality. But I do believe that we have the strength. The strength to be yourself. After the rain comes the sun. And we also need the rain as well.

Fashion Berlin im Guess Coat auf der Treppe
Fahion Berlin pressento in guess
Fashion Berlin in Orange
Fashion Berlin mit Pressento aus der Ferne
Fashion Berlin das Messegelände im Regen
Fashion in Berlin orange in guess
Fashion in Berlin Singing in the rain
Fashion Berlin pressento unterm umbrella
Fashion in Berlin all about the details

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