In the Change of the Seasons

Who was not already fascinated, if nature in the change of the seasons changes its face. Between the different seasons of the year, we had to clear up our wardrobes and create to-do lists for the holidays. The November is one of the transitional periods of the year. The last fall days has begun before winter comes. The air is so clear and fresh. We are walking through the streets in our new warm winter jacket. The cold breeze gives us more energy. It has soothing and invigorating. During the shop windows completely decorated for christmas season, we also decorate our home. The christmas atmosphere comes into our houses. The Christmas markets have just opened. I love this time! The pleasant anticipation of Christmas time. I would like to take this time for long walks in the last rays of sun. Here I feel how I gain strength. Enjoy the time!

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23. November 2016 22:17

That is a fabulous look on you! Just followed you 😀

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