Happines, Found in the Moment

Faster, higher, further – how often is that the motto of our day-to-day life? In our thoughts we live in the future. In other words, we create our future and forget the here and now. We forget how important every moment is. We forget the small things in our life. We have to remember that every moment, every second is a special. We have our own key to create the special on every single day. I do not need a reason to give my husband a present, a smile or a kiss. I do not need a reason to visit a friend. I do not need a reason to take a trip. Enjoy every minute and put a smile on the faces of your sweethearts.

Fashion Pressento in Stralsund for Silver lovers
Fashion Pressento from the far
Fashion Stralsund Rathaus in silver
Fashion Pressento with Cape Twintip
Fashion Pressento Cupcake Please
Fashion Pressento in Stralsund
Fashion Pressento in the City Hall of Stralsund
FAshion Pressentoand ST Nikolai
Fashion Pressento and the City Hall
Fashion Pressento and all about the details

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