Footprint of me

One stept to the right, two to n the left, straight ahead or sometimes or you must take a step back. With every single step that we take we leave our own unique trails behind. Each individual footprint makes us what we are. We create, we design and we colored owe own one. Some people go with you and other judge and condemn your way to live your life.

Klosterstraße Berlin Fashion Kleid
Fashion Pressento Berlin Klosterstraße Treppe
Fashion Pressento Berlin sitting on the steps
Travel Pressento berlin Klosterstraße
Fashion PRessento take a walk trought the Underground
Fashion PRessento underground stars
Fashion Pressento Underground arrives
Travel Pressento Details Klosterstraße
Fashion Pressento Details Dress with stars
Fashion Pressento Details panty
Travel Pressento Waiting for the next train

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