Between Science & Emotion – Colorful Way

What does our favorite color say about us? Are we playing with all the different colors or we are still stay in our personal-color-comfort zone? Is it an emotional reason, a feeling or scientific equation? Maybe both? The color theory with its clarifications and breakdowns of all the individual colors comprises a theoretical guide. It describes a system for classification of colors. All the different effects and characteristic of each color will be explained.

But the world of colors are much more than components in a scheme. They are a felling! All the theory of colors explains our emotions. An artist don’t need complex theory. Long before colour vision has been understood, painters were able to prepare and to mix colours. They known the effect and created amazing artwork. We also can try to experiment with colors. Let us therefore move out of our comfort zone, let us play with all the kinds of color, let us be creative in every single way.

Fashion Pressento at the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin
Fashion Pressento Astra Kulturhaus on the steps
Fashion Pressento and the yellow fence
FAshion Presssento und die gelbe TElefonzelle
Fashion Pressento Lets talk by the classic way
FAshion Pressento all about the Bluse side
Fashion Pressento strolling through the art of colors
Fashion Pressento puddle is the mirrow
Fashion Pressento in the Fall at Astra

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