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Pink isn’t just a color it’s a philosophy of life. It brightens up everyday life, colors the wardrobe and our mood. The cherry on the cream topping. Sometimes I had asked myself “Is there a standard age limit for all the cuties pink highlights? It is allowed to be in the pink phase in my thirties? I confess that, I doubted sometimes. Today, I have learned to trust myself and I would have to say there isn’t any age limit. Of course, our clothes changed through the years. We find our favorites and our comfort zone. We choose some of our clothes for the moment and sometimes a classic item for a lifetime. A a little dash of Barbie, a colored cookie on cloudy days or cotton candy as a sweet comforter. Why not? There are no age limits for all this happy things. We should ask ourselves, we feel good and happy and content. In this sense “Pink up your life!”

Fashion Pressento Barbie Shirt Cathedrial Toronto
Fashion Pressento Barbie Laundry
Fashion Pressento in Toronto St Lawrence
Travel Toronto Toronto St Lawrence
Fashion Pressento on the Street with Barbie
Fashion Pressento with a policeman
Fashion Pressento Barbie Shirt Yorkville
Fashion Pressento with slush in Toronto
Fashion Pressento CN Tower
Fashion Pressento and the Foodtruck

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