A Pinch of Pink on Cloudy Days

I afflicted and disappointed at some days. On those days I feel above on a higher mountain and I have not the physically fit or specific tool to climb these mountain. It is a feeling of insecurity and failure. A depressing moment with dark clouds. There popped up lots of doubts and questions in my head , and I do not know I can manage it. Everybody knows them, these unpleasant taste. You feel like to move in a circle. Whatever you try, it won’t work. Indeed, it is difficult for use to follow new and unknown paths. Try to name the new situation. Put a little colour on those grey days. Even if it’s hard, it’s worth a try. If we look back to a period of sadly days we notice that those days make us strong. We learn to come through and keep up with situations. We all know: “Every cloud has a silver lining”, no matter how powerful the storm is.

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