Labyrinth of Stars

We walk myriad of routes, different paths and cross several streets to find our personal way. To find harmony after loneliness. To find ways out of the dead-end it is necessary to follow new plans. We try a range of possibilities. We are always trying out new things and old habits left behind. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes and sometimes not. It seems, that we walk in a labyrinth. A labyrinth created of puzzles […]

Waterfalls Cascades d‘Ouzoud

I visited Morocco many times and I’m totally in love with this amazing country. Each time when I visit Morocco I find something new, something special. Morocco has a lot to offer. From snow-capped Atlas mountains up to the heat of the desert city Marrakech. Multifaceted, vibrant and full of natural wonder. The magically vibes plus architecture and their multicolored life in Medinas and Souks gives a special feeling for each visitor. Not to forget […]