International Green Week in Berlin

Culinary delicacies from around the world together in one place. The international Green Week in Berlin inviting you on a culinary trip around the globe. The Green Week is one of the most popular Events in Germany. Hearty treats, sweetie or culinary delights, deft and sweet snacks, there’s something here for everyone! Savour oriental specialities, Eastern European cuisine and Scandinavian diversity. The fair is the perfect platform to discover new tastes and flavors. From food […]

Turn on your inner Compass

The Calendar view of 2017 shows streamlined and reorganized. All deadlines in the first weeks of january were met. Maybe if you have broken some of your good intentions. What effects will this new year have? How will the year develop? What are your wishes and ideas for 2017? New Job? Addition to the family? Travel plans? Sometimes we begin unchallenged and motivated. And in the second part we are starting to doubt if it […]

Like a Snow Globe

Large city’s are loud, colorful and adventurous. There are always new and interesting places to explore. You can meet exciting people and new friends. These properties were exactly those which belong to me. Belong to my personal life. That’s what quality of life really means to me. I can hardly imagine to give up the benefits. The city itself and its surroundings attract again and again. Endless possibilities and opportunities will prepared. Once time a […]

Your world in the mirror of diversity

According to the motto of Goethe: “The best education found a clever person in travel”, I should also like to live a cultural varied life. I want to live my life intensely, meaning that I am a life long learner in my own personal development. Today we’re making our decisions based on ignorance. Those who swim with the stream will never find the personal goal. Who swims against the current, fights his way into the […]

Happy New Year – Welcome 2017!

New day new luck, new week new chance, new year new plans. Welcome to the New Year. I wish you all a holy and blessed new year. I really hope that you all ushered in 2017 well and that you haven’t thrown all your new years resolutions overboard yet. What are your plans for 2017. New job? New apartment? Or a very special trip? I hope that you all enjoy your time with your love […]