Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Snow crunches underfoot, the air filled with whiffs of cinnamon and gingerbread and Christmas carols fill the air. Festively decorated streets and sparkling christmas trees. We decorate our homes, put up Christmas trees, then families meeting together. We can reminisce about old times while at the same we share our ideas and plans with our sweethearts. We cook together, share a laugh and enjoy their free time together. It is Christmas! I wish you all […]

Oriental flavors & classic beauty

Our own life can be colorful, greatly enriched and varied. Life can structured and quiet, loud and colorful, extravagant and glamorous. Personal experience makes learning exciting and sustainable. The changeover between the different stages in life cycle is sometimes sad or betimes happy. Many of us mixed feelings of hope and fear. To make new plans or change your everyday life is very interesting and exciting for me. Influence your own life by the power […]

Shopping Time in New York City

New york City is always worth a visit at every time of the year. Spring, Fall, Winter, it doesn’t matter. Christmastime is special in New York City. It is a very special feeling in the air. Festively decorated streets, sparkling christmas trees and great shopping-malls. I have compiled a couple of tips, for those who are in New York City for Christmas Shopping. At a Glance Herald Square Macy’s, Manhattan Mall, Victoria’s Secret, GAP, H&M, […]

Classical Traditions & Many-Colored Sparkle

We are currently right in the middle of the Advent-time. The streets transformed into a fantastic Christmas-Land. Cakes and cookies been baked. We decorate our homes, put up Christmas trees adorned with glitter balls and lights. The grey winter days turn into a colorful sea of lights. We prepare us for the holiday season. We are full of plans and expectations. During this special season of Advent, when we invited to reflect the past year. […]