Museum of Modern Art – MoMA

There will still be much to discover in the City that never sleeps. High, impressive, modern or delicious. The artistic side of Manhattan is equally impressive. Here you can find world-renowned museums as well as many exhibitions, theatres and cinemas. Today I want to show you some few short impressions of the MoMA- Museum of Modern Art. At a Glance Tickets $ 25 (Adults), $ 18 (Seniors), $ 14 (Students), Free (Children 16 and under) […]

Aim High

What Do I Want to Achieve? What could my live look like in five years? What expectations and objectives do I have? What is your personal view of the future? Maybe fate has something special in mind for you. We often want too much, pushing too hard too fast for perfection. A great job, a perfect family and a large circle of friends. Setting time aside for the truly important things in life. We must […]

Hamburg – Weekend with Sea Breeze

Everyone of us need sometimes a break from the daily life. Breath deeply, relax and spend time with your family. A little time-out with my beloved ones is the best way to affect positive change. I came back with more creativity, lot of energy and a fistful of inspiration. Apart from that, it is great for a mother you do not have to clean up for few days. Today I invite you to a trip […]

There are many boarders around us

It is clearly difficult to get out of habits or to break out of your well-known cycle. Especially if this is practiced for years. The specially selected routine in our daily lives determines our thinking and acting. We are afraid to pursue new roads and ways. We build mental barriers. Barriers, wich we close and we dare not to open it again. For fear of possible criticism, we build our own walls higher and higher. […]

Makrönchen – My Sweet Little World

Today I would like to present to you a little sweet world in Charlottenburg – the Makrönchen. The Makrönchen is a small Café located in the Leonhardtstreet near to the subway station Charlottenburg. As soon as one has entered the Café can feel the pleasant and inviting feel-good atmosphere. It is a sweet little world characterized by colorful and handmade delicious macaroons and little tartlets. You have a huge variety of delicacies you can choose. […]

Sprinkles – The sweet temptation by the ATM

Today, I would like to give you a sweet tip – Sprinkles. After one week in Manhattan , I have discovered the pink Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. The ATM is located at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 60th Street. The cupcake machine is continuously restocked day and night with a variety of freshly baked cupcakes. The sweet dessert at the touch of a button. Waiting for their Cupcakes, some girls took pictures in front of the […]

The Uniqueness of the Moment

Sadness, indecision, self-doubt. We often come across these factors and negative impacts in everyday life. On certain days we are absolutely determined and sometimes there is a lack of courage. Sometimes one does not know if one should look to the right or to the left. How to clean up the chaos in your head? How can I implement my personal intentions in the real life? Where do I start with that? Where is the […]

Dove Store – Beautytime

Sometimes you simply have to leave everyday routine behind and travel to somewhere really nice. Just lay back and let yourself get spoilt. Focusing on the beautiful and fragrant things. A wellness weekend with friends or visit the nail salon round the corner for a manicure. Nothing is more important and more effective than regular time-outs. Last weekend I visited in Hamburg the first Dove Store in Germany. A little beauty oasis located directly on […]

The Timetable for Daily Life

There are many ways to find your own destinations. One of us live for the moment and some of us pursue a five-year plan. The Timetable will decided on the main character or life situation. We discover ourselves. We learn about the world we live in, we know ourselves better at every single day and we grow with our challenges. The part of the student life is often a light-hearted time. In the working life […]

Around Midtown – In the Middle of Manhattan

We have often a lack of time. That is specially the reason why we plan a short break. High on the list are topics like culture, shopping and attractions. You are planning to make a short trip to New York City? Remember, to manage your time. No stress, no bad surprises, just few days vacation! In the following you will find some information and tips for a day in Midtown Manhattan. At a Glance Empire […]